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Bill Daniels is credited as the "Father of the Cable Television Industry." Nearly everyone in cable got their start through Bill Daniels. But aside from being a brilliant business success, Bill's true accomplishment was established in the unusual way that he was able to motivate thousands of "associates" he never wanted to call "employees". It was not by some clever, deep secret in which he was able to achieve this elusive goal, a goal almost always missed by America's most sophisticated business managers. He simply never saw himself as someone better than any individual who worked for him. He placed those under his authority in high priority, and gave up short term profits and personal wealth for their benefits, knowing that in the long term they would be loyal and highly motivated.

Although Bill, and others like his rare class, have been able to show time and time again how it should be done, most often business managers fail to mirror their successes. They simply cannot strive against their own inward human nature. It requires an ability to have an unusual degree of faith in those who work for them, so that their own success or failure is ultimately tied to the fate of their own employees. There is no MBA course that can teach this.

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